VOLUNTEERS from Burnham-on-Sea Methodist Church are appealing for donations to help fund much-needed repairs to the church roof.

The church roof fell into a state of disrepair after harsh weather conditions led to holes developing in the roof.

Dorothy May from Burnham Methodist Church, said: “The church roof is desperately in need of repair as there are huge holes in the ceiling.

“When it rains the water trickles down through the ceiling and leaks through into the attic and we have to use lots of buckets to make sure it doesn’t flood the entire upstairs of the church.

“We have spoken to a contractor and works to repair the roof will cost around £85,000 and so far we have managed to get £60,000 towards repairing the roof from the church fund but we still need to raise around £25,000.

“It is such a large amount of money to raise and we really hope that residents from Burnham and Highbridge will come to our events to help us repair the roof.”

The popular church plays host to a number of community groups and Highbridge Foodbank uses the venue’s upstairs annexe to store their food donations.

Volunteers from the church have been hard at work over the last year to organise events to raise funds for the repairs including a Christmas and a spring fair which have been popular with residents.

Mrs May added: “If the holes and leaks in the roof continue to get worse it may be difficult for us to repair them.

“The church is used and enjoyed by a good amount of people and I don’t think anyone wants to see the condition of the roof get worse.

“I am very grateful to all the volunteers who have helped raise funds for the church as without them we would not have raised the money we have got so far.

“We have more events scheduled for later this year and hope that residents will dig deep so we can raise the money we need to get the roof repaired.”