WORKS are nearly complete to repair a dilapidated path near Brent Knoll.

Crooked Lane Drove, which runs to the east of Burnham-on-Sea towards Brent Knoll, fell into a state of disrepair after ruts developed in the clay soils on the route during periods of wet weather.

In a bid to tackle the issues, Brent Knoll Parish Council secured a £20,000 grant from the Hills To Levels project, funded by players of the People’s Postcode Lottery.

A spokesman for Brent Knoll Parish Council said the project involved a number of parties.

“Brent Knoll Parish Council is pleased to be associated with the ongoing work to Broad Brent and Crooked Lane Droves,” he said.

“The process has been an example of how The Royal Bath and West of England Society, landowners, farmers, Somerset Wild Life Trust, Axe Brue drainage board can all work together.

“The completed project will provide adequate drainage, better access and a positive outcome for all involved.”

Brent Knoll Parish Council applied for a grant in 2016 after they received reports from landowners that that the condition of the damaged drove affected access to their fields.

Catherine Page, Hills To Levels project coordinator for Bath and West, said the Brent Knoll path was one of a number to benefit from cash help.

“The Hills to Levels project has had a busy year reviewing the Hills to Levels capital grants,” she said.

“By the end of the project, nearly 50 grants will have been awarded and over £165,000 given out in funding thanks to players of Postcode Lottery.

“The Brent Knoll drove project is an exemplar of a community working together.

“Thanks to players of Postcode Lottery and the generous input of other stakeholders in the project, the drove will be much improved for the benefit of all.”

Colin Townsend, a member of Brent Knoll Parish Council, said: “Crooked Lane Drove is an important connecting route within our parish and we were keen to see the surface condition improved so that everyone could enjoy using it again.

“The parish council was the key player in the project and without its involvement, the project would not have developed.”