AS WELL as heading to the polls to vote for a new MP, voters in Burnham and Highbridge will also be able to vote for a new town councillor on June 8.

A vacancy is available for the Burnham South Ward.

The three candidates have written to readers, on why they think you should vote for them.

Brian Hobbs - UKIP

“Although I am standing as a UKIP backed candidate I do not believe that town council should be political, and in my case I am not whipped or expected to follow the UKIP party line.

“Town council is about representing the people on local issues not party politics.

“Applying common sense and action in the best interest of the people that elect you, not being afraid to ask the awkward questions and simply going with the flow, I would encourage local people to get involved and be heard.

“It’s your town, your council and your future. Speak up, I will listen.

“I don’t have all the answers but neither do the same old faces that have represented you for years.

“I believe in modern, fair and direct democracy, empowering people to have a major say in local decisions.

“If elected I will do my very best to represent you and bring your issues and every day concerns to the table.”

Debbie Matthews - Conservative

“I have decided to stand for the the town council as I believe I have the attributes to make a difference.

“I bring a new face to the mix with fresh ideas, and I am already involved voluntarily in several local community groups, which stand to have a huge positive impact on our community going forward.

“I see that the council are bringing in measures at the moment to make the council more transparent, and with me, what you see is what you get. My professional career dictates following procedures and doing things by the book, and this will carry through to the work I will do for the community should I be elected.

“While my career is within the tourism sector, I believe it is important the town has a good balance, between the needs of tourists, and the desires of residents and businesses.

“I am very active within our community, and I will work hard to get those results.

“I have recently spoken to our new mayor, and I am pleased he wants to support the youth of our towns.

“Having a nine year old daughter I think it’s important our younger generation are not forgotten, and they need good facilities too.

“I hope to work with him on this, and help wherever I can.

“If elected I will do my best to achieve results, and make a positive impact in the years to come.”

Bev Milner Simonds -Liberal Democrat

“As a resident of the town I think my actions to date have shown my commitment to making the town a nicer place to live, visit and work.

“I would like to represent the residents of Burnham South on the town council as I think everyone deserves a voice at a local level - someone looking out for them and what matters to them. I don’t have a slogan, I am standing because I am bothered and I want to make a positive difference.

“The town council is the first point of call for many people who have an issue that needs to be dealt with by the council - I would be available so that I can help residents.

“I am standing as a Liberal Democrat, but I am standing-up for Burnham South.

“In many of the decisions made at town council level party politics doesn’t have a place - is it what is best for the town that is important.

“I think it is important that we attract a diverse range of business who employ local people, ensure the roads and pavements are maintained in a good state and get the balance right between services for visitors and service for people who live here all ye