COULD school meals for infants be scrapped? 

Prime Minister Theresa May has sparked controversy after she announced in the Conservatives election manifesto that they would scrap free school lunches for infant school pupils to give schools an extra £1billion per year to tackle school funding shortages in England.

The PM said that school meals for infant pupils will be means tested with those on low incomes not having to pay. 

Candidates vying for the Wells consituency seat have criticised the PM saying it is a hugely popular policy that shouldn't be scrapped. 

Tessa Munt, Liberal Democrat candidate for the Wells Constituency said: "In my day, people would chant, 'Thatcher, Thatcher, 'milk snatcher', if Theresa May wins with a landslide next month, there'll be shouts of 'Theresa May took your lunch away'.

"Taking lunches away from school children gives a flavour of what will happen if you don't vote for decent, and independent minded MPs like me in the House of Commons. 

"Every parent knew their child sat down at a table to eat a nutritious, hot, midday meal with their classmates.

"This is a hugely popular policy with busy working parents and those who are less well off, alike.

"This just demonstrates Theresa May and her colleagues' cold and mean-spirited vision for Britain’s future."

Andy Merryfield, Labour candidate for the Wells Constituency said: "Our kids should never be connected to the term ‘effective cost saving measures’ at a time when their care, education and welfare are under a massive threat from a stagnating economy, growing inflation, rising rents so that many families are struggling to thrive and even survive clear of debt."