YOUNG Sedgemoor athletes Luke Reynolds and Elliot Scott, and 20-year-old cyclist Natalie Grinczer have successfully secured a grant from the Somerset sports charity, TS5C, for the first time.

The talented trio join 12 other athletes who have just been awarded grants from TS5C for the forthcoming year.

The aim is to assist talented 14- to 24-year-olds, who live or train in the county, in their dream of competing at regional, national and international levels.

Unlike other similar organisations, TS5C is not funded by Government or Local Authority contributions but instead relies on private donations – and to great effect.

Since the charity was set up in 2007, over 80 young, able and disabled athletes have benefited from grants, unquestionably aiding some to reach great heights in their chosen sporting field.

Luke Reynolds has achieved Gold in the county for triple jump, long jump and 400m hurdles, and a Bronze in the South West for triple jump and long jump He explained: “2014 will be a building year for me, having moved to the under-20s group although I am still only 17.

“I am looking forward to the challenges of the coming season.

“The grant is very much appreciated and will go towards my equipment this year.”

Many of TS5C’s athletes have gone on to achieve great success – Charlie Attwood, a 16-year-old swimming sensation from Bridgwater, has been selected for a ‘Podium Potential Programme’ organised by the organisation British Swimming.

He is one of 40 young athletes considered to have medal potential for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.