THERE are only eight days left to enter the Railway Club's open 4-a-side Skittles Competition for Musgrove Leukaemic Group.

All teams will play a minimum of three games during this competition and the winners will receive a trophy as will the Ladies and Mixed teams getting the furthest.

Trophies are also given to the individual players scoring the highest score, one for ladies & one for men.

Entry forms are available from the Railway Club and must be completed and returned with the £8 entry fee by Wednesday April 30.

The matches are played on a Thursday and Friday evenings, commencing June 2014.

Be unfortunate enough to score six or under and you pay a 10p minimum fine, which goes to the charity as does £2 of the entry fee, also should you be very unlucky and score a 0 – a minimum fine of 50p is imposed.