IT was a busy week at Hawkridge with the lake fishing very well, and 295 fish were caught with a rod average of 2.9.

Most anglers caught their fish using a variety of patterns either on or just below the surface.

G. West caught a nice bag weighing 19lb 4oz, including a 5lb gold, while Steve Moncaster took the largest fish of the week, a 9lb rainbow which made up his five-fish limit of 18lb 9oz.

Fish were taken on Cats Whisker, Damsel, Orange Lure and Montana.

At Clatworthy, 417 fish were caughtwith a rod average of 2.9 in one of the busiest weeks of the season on the reservoir.

The best bag went to P. Lewis, weighing 16lb 7oz, with M. Hall having 16lb for his five fish.

The best fish of the week was a 7lb 12oz rainbow caught by R. Mortimer.

Fish were taken all over the lake by boat and bank, and with the sun coming out this week anglers were using intermediate and sinking lines using traditional wets with Montana working extremely well.

Into the weekend with the weather cooling and clouding over, fish were taken on intermediate lines with wet patterns.

With the weather set to stay cooler into this coming week, fish will be taken on intermediate lines with wet patterns and small lures, and, if the conditions are right, floating lines with buzzer patterns.

At Sutton Bingham, 527 fish were caught with a rod average of 2.8.

The fishing remains good and there has been plenty of surface activity with fish feeding freely throughout the day when it has been overcast, but in the bright sunshine they have been about three or four feet down.

Anglers have taken their limit bags on floating lines with 15ft to 18ft leaders with smaller dark patterns and because there have been quite a lot of small hawthorn flies around at about 14 to 16 hook size, which will increase in size when the may flower comes out in the next few weeks.

The best bag of five fish this week weighed in at 18lb 3oz, taken by C. Spencer, who also had the biggest rainbow of 6lb 4oz.

He fished left of the lodge between the large willows, where there were plenty of small hawthorns flies beneath the lower branches.

At West Pond, 12 rods fished this week, catching nearly the maximum number of fish.

Some 47 fish ended up on the scales with the best rainbow weighing 10lb 12oz and the best brown weighing 6lb 8oz.

Bags limits of fish came in between 23lb to 31lb, and again the smaller the flies used the better the results.