BRIDGWATER College recently hosted a boccia tournament to celebrate the success of the numerous boccia sessions being delivered to Special Educational Needs students.

The tournament saw six teams play in a ‘round robin’ format ,and all participants received a certificate for their sportsmanship and skill.

The winners were Millie Bech, 19, of Williton, Abbi Fear, 17, of Burnham, and Andrew Howe, 17, of Bridgwater.

Lecturer Maggie St Quintin said: “Thanks so much to Carly and the Sports Makers for the tournament today – I could see how much all the students were enjoying themselves.”

Carly Martin, Sports Maker, said: “It’s hoped that the college can run more tournaments like this on a regular basis and maybe look to organise boccia fixtures against other colleges.

“Students who participated in this event have expressed an interest in participating in other sports as well, which is excellent news.”

Boccia (pronounced ‘bot-cha’') is a Paralympic sport which has no Olympic counterpart.

Players throw, kick or use a ramp to propel a ball on to the court with the aim of getting closer to a ‘jack’ ball than their opponent.

It is designed for athletes with a disability affecting loco-motor function and is played on a court similar in size to a badminton court.

Participants not only reap the physical benefits of taking part in sport, but gain opportunities to develop numeracy and communication skills, and learn teamwork.