A FEW anglers paying their first visit to Shiplate Farm Fishery must have expected to see the ark in the car park.

The roads were flooded and almost impassible but fishermen being of a determined nature didn't let water halfway up the wheels put them off getting to the match. The results were well earned considering the amount of fresh water that had topped up the lakes.

This is the second consecutive win for Andy Curry at the venue.

1st Andy Curry, peg 7 westpool 78.8,(fishing meat down the centre track)2nd Des Shipp 67.8 peg 11 westpool3rd Ziggy Slowinski 64.12 peg 3 westpool4th Jason Radford 59.2 peg 15 westpool5th Steve Kedge 35.4 peg 9 westpool6th Dean Malin 25.14 peg 3 hawthorns7th Tony Rixon 24lb peg 13 westpoolsilvers Steve Kedge 25.4