AFTER last week’s changeable weather and the lakes being frozen for three days, hard fishing was expected for round five of the Shiplate Farm Winter Series.

The results surprised all the anglers who expected the match to be hard and were pleasantly surprised with the amount of fish caught. Although chilly, it was mainly dry with a few heavy showers.

Andy France (Cadbury Angling) caught an exceptional weight of fish for the time of year, he fished the pole using single maggot to the far bank and centre track feeding lightly.

Results: 1 Andy France, peg 12, H. 52lb 12oz; 2 Julian Pinkett, peg 4, H. 35lb 12oz; 3 Tim Lewis, peg 1, H. 30lb 5oz; 4 Pete Bartlett, peg 10, H. 29lb 4oz; 5 Dave Cocayne, peg 7, W. 27lb 6oz; 6 Johnny Page, peg 9, H. 23lb 5oz. Silvers went to Russ Peck Peg 11 W, 4lb 3oz and Tom Light peg 6 H. 2lb 9oz.