TWO of Bristol's match groups, Frys and PSV, fished matches at Shiplate at the weekend.

Fry's fished the two canals, Hawthorns and Westpool whilst PSV fished the main lake.

After the prolonged influx of cold rain water recently, the results were going to be unpredictable.

Fry's match group had the better weights of the day with Jason Bird on peg 9 of the Hawthorns fishing the pole down the margins using maggot for bait and lightly feeding maggot at the same time and ended with top weight of the day, 53lb 10oz.

PSV's match on the Main lake proved much harder. Matt Taynton on peg 13 caught 31lb 14oz of Silvers to win the match.

Fry's results

1st Jason Bird p9H, 53lb 10oz (pictured)

2nd Steve Howell p12W, 46lb3rd Ray Cooper p15W, 33lb

3rd Andy Curry p5H, 33lb

4th Gordon Jones p10W, 19lb

PSV results

1st Matt Taynton p13, 31lb 14oz

2nd Alan Healey p14, 28lb

3rd Mark Radford p1, 14lb 4oz

Silvers went to Adam Caswell p3, 6lb 8oz