Premier League Cup - Southern Group Match

Somerset Rebels 62, Rye House Rockets 28

THE Somerset Rebels bounced back from the disappointments of last week with 34-point destruction of Rye House Rockets at the Oak Tree Arena on Friday evening.

The Rebels controlled the contest from the very start and cruised to a 62-28 victory.

Charles Wright led at the turn in Heat Two, after making good from a level break.

Luke Bowen took second spot from Paul Starke, after Starke was run wide in the opening turn by Simon Lambert. He quickly recovered, and was soon passing Lambert, but could make no impression on Bowen.

In the very next heat the Rebels hammered home a maximum advantage, before the Rockets provided the winner of the next heat, and as a result shared the points.

Another shared heat followed, and with the meeting stalled as far as the Rebels were concerned, they needed something special to kick start their scoring again - and they got it as the tapes rose for Heat Six.

The Rebels pairing of Josh Grajczonek and Todd Kurtz blazed from the gate to take the easiest maximum advantages you will ever see.

Heat seven saw a second successive maximum posted by the Rebels - and they went on to seal the win with further maximums in Heats 10, 12 and 13.

The 34-point margin has opened up the mathematical possibility that the Rebels could still qualify for the Semi-Finals of this competition, but they will also have to rely on other results.