Premier League

Somerset Rebels 68, Redcar Bears 24

THE SOMERSET Rebels continued their fine home form with a 68-24 thrashing of Redcar on Friday night.

The Rebels cruised to an emphatic victory, recording nine maximum heat wins along the way.

With both sides at full strength, the Rebels hit the visitors with a power packed start that saw them open up a 16-point unanswered lead by heat four.

The Bears stopped the run of maximums in heat five, but it was more by luck than design.

It was only a minor blip for the Rebels, and 'maximum service' was resumed over the next two heats.

The Bears sent Carl Wilkinson out on a tactical in heat seven, but it all went wrong before they had even got under way.

As the green light came on, Wilkinson moved, prompting Todd Kurtz to burst through the tapes, much to the Rebels fans dismay - but the referee had spotted that it was Wilkinson who was first to touch the tapes, and excluded him.

The final score line of 68-24 was a record against the Redcar Bears, and one in which every Rebels rider had scored freely.

Nick Morris topped the table with a 14+1 paid maximum, whilst Todd Kurtz followed up with 13+2, dropping only two points to an opponent on the night.

Skipper Ollie Allen, posted a full four ride maximum for his 12-points, whilst all the rest contribute to a performance, in which the Rebels did not post one last place, excepting Brady Kurtz fall.

Next week sees the visit of the Sheffield Tigers - and with Simon Stead in fine form for the visitors and their recent team changes, it should be an interesting and exciting encounter.