IT has been another busy week for Burnham Bowling Club with teams involved in bowls matches around the area — including an incredible game for Burnham Ladies at their Bridgwater counterparts in the Victoria League. Here we take a look at this week’s matches.

Victoria League (Ladies) Bridgwater 53, Burnham 43

UNBELIEVABLE is the only word to describe this match. Burnham ladies found themselves 13 shots ahead at the halfway point, then, with one rink dropping 17 shots without reply, the match turned around in favour of the hosts.

Points: Bridgwater 8, Burnham 2.

Scores: Ann McKinlay, Jackie Morris, Marion Strong 14-19; Anne Baynes, Elaine Lockley, Sylvia Lupton 13-20; Christine Shephard, Jean Hills, Joan Hazelton 16-14.

Friendly (Mixed) Burnham 117, Snitterfield Bowling Club tourists 100 ON a really nice afternoon, Burnham was pleased to welcome the tourists from Stratford on Avon. As per usual it proved to be a delightfully good-humoured game, with plenty of banter on all sides.

Scores: Ann McKinlay, Christine Shephard, Richard Luscombe, Tony Griffin 24-17; Fred Jenkins, Jean Hills, Peter Page, Chris Smiles 11-27; Dave Smith, Rachel Brown, Roy Shephard, Alan McKinlay 25-9; Martin Scott (capt), Gwen Davis, Barry Brown, Trevor Wellavize 23-12; John Florey, Mary Smyth, Jackie Morris, Frank Parker 16-18; John Wisdom, Anne Baynes, Mike Baker, Don Bridges 18-17.

Over 60's League (Men).

Ashcombe Knights 73, Burnham 112

ANOTHER resounding win for Burnham who are finding the teams in this division more suitable to them. Winning on four rinks, drawing another, and losing by just one shot on the sixth rink secured the points and match.

Points: Ashcombe 3, Burnham 17.

Scores: John Florey, John Bryant, Chris Smiles 16-16; Dennis Williams, Pete Broomhead (cap't), Brian Rowley 20-10; Roy Shephard, Tony Griffin, John Shattock 18-12; Joe Phillips, Dave Barnett, Hugh Treloar 18-11; Frank Chick, David Freeman, Alan Lane 24-7; Bob Evans, Stan Fox, Alan McKinlay 16-17.

Friendly (Men) Burnham 67, Ashtead Tourists 59

BURNHAM welcomed the return of the team from Surrey, having hosted them in previous years. With the weather proving kind, the match was pretty even throughout, but played in very good spirit.

Scores: Frank Parker, Peter Page, Tony Griffin 15-22; Martin Scott (cap't), Roy Shephard, David Freeman 19-13; John Florey, Fred Jenkins, Alan McKinlay 21-12; David Smith, Brian Rowley, Alan Lane 12-12.

Western & District League (Ladies) West Backwell 38, Burnham 62

THE hosts were left rather shell shocked by this result. Although West Backwell won on one rink, one of the other two lost in rather incredible fashion, scoring only one shot, to lose the match heavily.

Points: West Backwell 2, Burnham 8.

Scores: Rita Barnett (cap't), Dot Ridley, Rita Harris 7-28: Marion Strong, Joan Hurling, Sylvia Lupton 35-1. Anne Richards, Jean Hills, Joan Hazelton 20-9.

Friendly (Ladies) St. Andrews 49, Burnham 63

BURNHAM came away from this venue with a very creditable win. Big scores by both sides on different rinks evened things out, but the third rink saw Burnham safely home.

Scores: Ann McKinlay, Christine Shephard, June Bridges 30-11; Mary Smyth, Rita Barnett (cap't), Sylvia Lupton 6-22; Anne Baynes, Jean Hills, Anne Richards 27-16.

West Somerset League Div. 2 (Men) Burnham "A" 73, Bridgwater "B" 46

WITH two sevens, a six and two five's carded on the rinks, Burnham despite dropping on one rink, easily took the honours.

Points: Burnham "A" 10, Bridgwater "B" 2.

Scores: Roy Shephard, Stan Fox, Peter Heydenrych 33-11; Frank Chick (cap't), Donald Freeman, Don Bridges 27-14; Bob Evans, Chris Smiles, Hugh Treloar 13 - 21.

West Somerset League Div. 2 (Men) Burnham "B" 41, East Over 61

A SOMEWHAT depleted Burnham team found the visitors rather more than they could cope with.

Losing heavily on two rinks the third managed a late rally to win the rink.

Points: Burnham "B" 2, Eastover 10.

Scores: Terry Fairchild, K. Hall, Dennis Williams 9-21; Arthur Purser, John Florey, Trevor Wellavize 21-13; Martin Scott, Bruce Hardwidge (cap't), Mervyn Lilley 11-27.

Somerset County League Div. 3N (Men) Clevedon Promenade "B" 59, Burnham "B" 50 THINGS looked pretty even at the halfway point, although one rink was twelve shots adrift.

But it was not to be, as the hosts again proved too strong.

Points: Clevedon Promenade "B" 10, Burnham "B" 2.

Scores: Pete Broomhead, John Florey, Dennis Williams, Alan McKinlay 26-14; Martin Scott, Peter Page, Bruce Hardwidge (cap't), Mervyn Lilley 12-17; Norman Webster, Andy Collett, John Bryant, Malcolm Rawles 12-28.

Somerset County League Div. 1N (Men) Yatton "A" 50, Burnham "A" 66 BURNHAM "A" once again found their form against their opponents, winning on all three rinks.

Two very good rinks were the mainstay of the result, but the third rink holding on to win by one shot ensured the maximum result.

Points: Yatton "A" 0, Burnham "A" 12.

Scores: Bob Evans, Roy Shephard, Chris Smiles, Peter Heydenrych 25-18; Frank Chick (cap't), Brian Rowley, Alan Lane, Don Bridges 23-15; Joe Phillips, Donald Freeman, Trevor Wellavize, Hugh Treloar 18-17.S