Victoria League (Ladies)|Mark Moor 46, Burnham 50

THIS match proved a close call for Burnham.

Losing on two rinks, the win was thanks to the third, who won in style and well ahead of their opposite numbers.

Points: Mark Moor 4, Burnham 6.

Scores: Ann McKinlay, Anne Richards, Brenda Bowdler (cap't) 14-19. Jill Burman, Jean Hills, Elaine Lockley 23-10. Christine Shephard, Jackie Morris, Joan Hurling 13-17.

Friendly (Mixed)|Winscombe 116, Burnham 125

BURNHAM took a slim lead before the tea interval and the second period continued in much the same vein with both sides scoring quietly.

With a draw on one rink and close finishes on others, it was one Burnham rink that proved the best.

Scores: Jim Dolan, Shirley Florey, Martin Scott, David Freeman 22-19. Dave Barnett, Andy Collett, Sylvia Lupton, Peter Page 24- 24. Rita Barnett, Marion Strong, Barry Brown, Peter Heydenrych 14-18. Bryan Thomas, Andrew Kyprianides, Joan Hazelton 18-19. John Florey, Mary Smyth, Brian Saunders, Alan McKinlay 20-26. Christine Shephard, Fred Jenkins, Dennis Williams 27-10.

Friendly (Mixed) Burnham 74, Hayes & District Tourists 88

WITH four of the five rinks very closely tied at the halfway point, it was rather unfortunate that the fifth was not.

Scoring just one shot in the first nine ends, Burnham found themselves 23 shots adrift.

Though the struggling rink made a recovery, the end result was a win for the tourists.

Scores: John Richards, Anne Baynes, Hugh Treloar 20-11. Rita Barnett, Martin Scott, Tony Griffin 16-26. Ann McKinlay, Brenda Bowdler, Dave Barnett 12-14. Jill Burman, Mike Baker, Dave Ridley 12-20. Norman Webster, Dot Ridley, Frank Chick 14-17.

Western District League (Ladies)|Burnham 56, Portishead 34

THIS was another resounding win for Burnham.

Drawing on one rink and winning by one on another, it was the third rink which proved dominant by winning 12 of the 18 ends, one of which included a seven.

Points: Burnham 9, Portishead 1.

Scores: Joan Hurling, Rita Harris, June Bridges 13-13. Christine Shephard, Brenda Bowdler, Marion Williams 16-15. Marion Strong, Sylvia Lupton, Joan Hazelton 27-6.

West Somerset League Division 2 (Men) Burnham A 74, Donyatt 35

THE difference of one shot meant Burnham just failed to win all three rinks and take maximum points from this match.

The other rinks proved more than enough for their opponents.

Points: Burnham A 10, Donyatt 2.

Scores: Frank Chick, Steve Heeley, Don Bridges 19-20. Roy Shephard, Chris Smiles, Peter Heydenrych 30-8. Bob Evans, Stan Fox, Hugh Treloar 25-7.

West Somerset League Div. 2 (Men) Burnham B 39, Watchet 46 SADLY, the B team once again dropped points, winning on just one rink.

The third rink proved more fruitful, but not by the margin needed.

Points: Burnham B 2, Watchet 10.

Scores: Martin Scott, Terry Fairchild, David Freeman 13-19. Arthur Purser, Bruce Hardwidge, Mervyn Lilley 8-20. John Florey, Keith Hall, Trevor Wellavize 18-7.

Somerset County League Division 1N (Men) Burnham A 53, Chew Stoke A 54

HOW unfortunate were Burnham A? Fifteen shots behind with just two ends to play, all seemed lost, but with a magnificent 14 shots to 1 between the three rinks they came within one shot to pulling off a creditable draw.

Points: Burnham A 2, Chew Stoke A 10.

Scores: Bob Evans, Roy Shephard, Chris Smiles, Peter Heydenrych 27-10. Joe Phillips, Dennis Williams, Malcolm Rawles, Hugh Treloar 15-22. Frank Chick (cap), Brian Rowley, Alan Lane, Don Bridges 11-22.

Somerset County League Division 3N (Men) Clarence Park B 54, Burnham B 68

BURNHAM B returned to winning ways with this win.

One drawn rink, one losing by just one shot, it was down to the third who won by 15 shots to take the prize win.

Points: Clarence B 3, Burnham B 9.

Scores: John Florey, Martin Scott, Bruce Hardwidge, Trevor Wellavize 28-13. Andrew Kyprianides, Andy Collett, Pete Broomhead, John Bryant 19-20. Fred Jenkins, Norman Webster, David Freeman, Mervyn Lilley 21-21.