Western District League (Ladies)

Burnham 51, Victoria (Weston) 33

WELL, what a match this turned out to be – five ends to play and two rinks in the lead. The third rink was some six shots adrift and things not looking too good. Then a supercharge of 10 shots without reply saw a four-shot win to secure full house for Burnham.

Points: Burnham 10, Victoria (Weston) 0. Scores: Jill Burman, Anne Richards, Rita Harris 16-12; Christine Shephard, Brenda Bowdler, Joan Hurling 16-12; Marion Strong, Sylvia Lupton, Joan Hazelton 19-11.

Somerset County League Div 1N (Men)

Clarence A 67, Burnham A 49

BURNHAM once again found itself up against a really strong Clarence side. Although only four shots behind at the halfway point, Burnham scored only seven shots in the last four ends to Clarence’s 18, allowing the hosts to romp home.

Points: Clarence A 12, Burnham 0. Scores: Frank Chick (capt), Brian Rowley, Steve Heeley, Don Bridges 15-18; Bob Evans, Roy Shephard, Chris Smiles, Peter Heydenrych 19-20; Joe Phillips, Malcolm Rawles, Alan Lane, Hugh Treloar 15-29.

Somerset County League Div 3N (Men)

Burnham B 63, Ashcombe B 50

ANOTHER good win for the B team, unlucky on one rink to lose by one on the last end. Good wins on the other two saw them comfortably home.

Points: Burnham B 10, Ashcombe B 2. Scores: Martin Scott, Peter Page, Mervyn Lilley, Trevor Wellavize 17-18; John Florey, Fred Jenkins, Bruce Hardwidge, Dave Freeman 25-14; Pete Broomhead, Norman Webster, Mike Baker, Alan McKinlay 21-18.

Friendly (Mixed).

Burnham 107, Kenfig Hill & Pyle 112

WITH the scores fairly close at tea, Burnham lead by just four shots. Steady scoring after tea on three of the visitor’s rinks, saw them take the lead at the finish.

Scores: Bryan Thomas, Anne Baynes, Arthur Purser, Alan McKinlay 12-34; Dave Smith, Mary Smyth, Roy Shephard, Peter Heydenrych 19-15; Jill Burman, Desiree Heydenrych, Peter Pager, Dave Barnett 13-18; John Wisdom, Andy Collett, Jackie Morris, Don Bridges 26-14; Rita Barnett, Simon Strong, Pete Broomhead, Rita Harris 23-14; Marion Strong, Martin Scott, Fred Jenkins, Dennis Williams 14-17.

Friendly (Ladies)

Burnham 31, St Andrew’s 59

BURNHAM ladies will want to forget this match fairly quickly. With one rink managing to win on just four of the 18 ends, and another losing heavily, they will be grateful it was only a friendly.

Scores: Jackie Morris, Marion Strong, Joan Hazelton 13-10; Rita Barnett, Mary Smyth, Brenda Bowdler 12-25; Ann McKinlay, Anne Baynes, Sylvia Lupton 6-24.

Friendly (Mixed)

Burnham 76, Avon & Somerset Constabulary 70

THIS annual match once again saw old friendships renewed and, in true spirit, was enjoyed by all. The scores were pretty close for the majority of the game and, over a drink together afterwards, it was declared that Burnham had the win.

Scores: Jean Hills, Jim Dolan, Roy Shephard, Alan McKinlay 16-18; Jill Burman, Frank Parker, Bruce Hardwidge, Brenda Bowdler 14-24; Christine Shephard, Simon Strong, Stan Fox, Joan Hurling 23-10; Rita Barnett, Norman Webster, Martin Scott, Trevor Wellavize 23-18.