Daniel Radcliffe admits he's very squeamish - despite starring in a gory TV drama.

The Harry Potter star plays a doctor posted to a remote Russian village in Sky Arts drama A Young Doctor's Notebook and was amazed that all the "blood and guts" he discovered in the read-though made it to screen.

But Daniel confessed to being easily shocked.

"I went out with a girl called Laura for a while, and she loved that show (Embarrassing Bodies) and I couldn't watch it but I could watch her watching it," he said.

"She just sat there with the kind of blank, desensitised look of a war veteran."

The actor said he's flattered to play the younger version of Mad Men heartthrob Jon Hamm in the drama, adding: "I mean, God, I hope I grow up to look like that."

And he revealed that fewer people confuse him with his famous boy-wizard alter-ego now the franchise has come to an end.

"Now it's like 80 per cent to 20 per cent of people using my name rather than 'Harry', which is really lovely to be honest," he said.

:: A Young Doctor's Notebook is on Sky Arts on Thursday, December 6.