Sarah Harding has revealed she thinks Girls Aloud bandmate Kimberley Walsh will be a bossy mother.

Kimberley recently announced she is expecting her first child, while group member Nadine Coyle became a mum earlier this month.

Sarah, 32, told OK! magazine: "I'm amazed that Nadine has taken to it spectacularly, she's taken to it like a duck to water.

"I thought all the responsibility would have stressed her out, but she's so chilled. I can see Kimberley being a bossy mum, saying: 'Get on the naughty step!'."

The singer and actress is excited for her bandmates.

She said: "I can't wait, one's just popped out and another one is coming. I said to Kimberley: 'My God, what's going on?' And she was like: 'I know, it's the baby boom!'."

But Sarah, who said she is enjoying living the quiet life in the countryside with her DJ boyfriend Mark Foster, their three dogs and two cats - insisted she has no plans to start a family yet.

She said: "Apparently I'm next before Cheryl [Cole] and Nicola [Roberts] but I'm not planning anything any time soon!"