Ade Edmondson has said one of the reasons his marriage to Jennifer Saunders is so strong is that they don't talk about it.

The comedian and TV personality has been married to Jennifer for 28 years, after they met while working on the alternative comedy circuit back in the early 80s.

"I think the reason our marriage has worked is because we won't talk about it," he said.

The nature of their work has also meant that Ade, 57, and Jennifer, 55, have spent a lot of time apart.

"It's something we've known since we started going out with each other, because we were always touring, her with Dawn [French] and me with Rik [Mayall]," he said.

"Maybe that's what makes it a good relationship."

The star also revealed that lately he has been wondering whether he and his wife could team up for a series, but added he thinks it "might be a bit cheesy".

Ade is back later this month with a new six-part programme, Ade At Sea, which sees him explore Britain's maritime past and the impact it has today.

:: Ade At Sea begins on ITV on Thursday, March 20.