Emma Thompson has said the idea that couples can live happily ever after is "bonkers" .

The Hollywood star, who has been married twice, said she has had her " heart broken quite a lot".

The actress told Radio Times: " For me, broken means that feeling of 'I will never ever recover from this'.

" The notion of 'happily ever after' is bonkers. People aren't honest because of the desire to maintain the romantic ideal.

"Recently, I was talking about Alan Rickman's adulterous role in Love Actually and I got into trouble for daring to ask 'Don't you think we might have become desperately punitive about monogamy?'. And, my goodness, the furore I provoked!"

Emma's first marriage, to fellow actor Kenneth Branagh, ended in 1995. She married Greg Wise after they met during filming on Sense And Sensibility and the couple have a daughter and an adopted son.

She said: "I avoid weddings because I don't like parties. Having said that, I enjoyed both my weddings - very different though they were. My grandmother used to say your heart is no good until it's been broken 10 times. I know what she means: the cicatrices shape the way in which you navigate all your relationships."