Outnumbered star Tyger Drew-Honey says filming a documentary on porn was an eye-opener - despite his parents making their living in the industry.

The actor, who played eldest son Jake Brockman in the comedy, is examining the subject for an instalment of his three-part BBC3 documentary series Tyger Takes On....

His father was a porn actor and producer, while his mother edited Penthouse magazine.

Drew-Honey, 18, said that, despite his background, he had not realised before making the show how porn can impact young minds.

"Before doing the documentary, I didn't think that I was influenced by porn but as it went on, I realised that boys get the idea that you can just use girls' bodies and they're going to love it. It's really scary," he told Radio Times magazine.

He said that Government efforts to prevent children accessing porn online by using filters are "almost too little too late".

But he added: "Porn is always going to be there and we're always going to be sexual beings who enjoy watching other people have sex. It's harmless and enjoyable if done correctly. "

The actor said that his parents - who later divorced - did not try to conceal what they did for a living.

"My parents never hid from me what they did for a living. It was a very slow, euphemistic process.

"A friend would come round and they'd say, 'This is Pascale. Mummy and Daddy take pictures of Pascale having a special hug with Charlotte.

"By the time I was nine, I pretty much completely understood. I knew it wasn't normal, but it was just my life."

The actor said that he would never consider going into "the family business", mainly for financial reasons.

"My dad made over 500 films and sold 10,000 of each one. They made millions of pounds. But now, no-one goes to shops. They go to Google."