Dolly Parton has promised to wear rhinestones in her hair to give her extra sparkle during her Glastonbury performance.

And the diminutive country star said she plans to dress in dazzling white - despite the risk of mud - to ensure fans can make her out on the Pyramid Stage.

The 68-year-old said laughed off the perils of ruining her stage outfit in the conditions in an interview for the Radio 2 breakfast show by saying: "Brown and white always looks good together."

Dolly - who takes the stage on Sunday afternoon - told presenter Chris Evans: "I've got some 'fossils' I'm going to put in my hair so the sunlight catches that, so I'll have some rhinestones in my big hair.

"And I'm planning to wear possibly white just so I'll be seen from a distance, cos I'm not very big. I want to be sure I get seen if I'm going to be seen by that many people.

"So I'm planning to wear white with stones in my hair, high-heeled shoes, with or without mud. I don't know that white is the right colour just in case we do have mud, but I guess that's all right - brown and white always looks good together."

Jolene singer Dolly added: "I'm so looking forward to Sunday, so everybody get out there and let's have a big old time."

Her appearance is one of the big talking points on site at the festival with many people saying they are looking forward to her show.