Professor Green has said he's sick of spreading the "the inner inanity" of his brain on Twitter - and he's going to do better things with his time.

The 30-year-old rapper, who has more than two million followers on the social networking site, has deleted every one of his thousands of tweets and left simply a '?'.

Writing a piece for The Independent, he said that he was having a "reboot".

"I've been on Twitter since January 2009, and I'm tired of the digital diarrhoea that has spewed forth from my fingers in the 140 format.

"Over the last five years, I've tweeted over 54,000 times - an average of 27.47 times per day. From last night I've decided to erase my timeline and start over," he wrote.

The rapper, who has had fall-outs with other celebrities on the social networking site, said he didn't regret a single one of his tweets.

But he wrote in the newspaper: "When I'm 80 years old sucking soup through a straw and my great grandkids are scrolling through my timeline, do I want them knowing I told two million people that I took a s**t at 4pm on a Thursday? Not really."

He said that his use of Twitter had "become a tic, an uncontrollable impulse...and I'm not checking the latest situation in the Ukraine."

While he praised people like Stephen Fry for using it as "a brilliant platform", he said he and others had used it to "spew forth the mundane".

And he added: "The loss of grammar via social media and texting also bothers me. I left school in year eight, aged 13, so I'm no grammar Nazi. But basic punctuation seems to evade most people."

And he said: "I don't read as much as I should now, because I'm taking pictures of everything I eat."

And he added: "It's time to be more considered. Instead of sitting on my phone, I'm going to do things that benefit my mind; read a book, go to an art gallery, meet a mate for a coffee. That's where my head is at. It's the same with everything in life; balance. I hope, with this reboot, I can find that balance. And, finally, read a good book."