Millie Mackintosh and Amanda Byram have shown they are proud of their bodies by posing naked for a women's magazine.

Made In Chelsea star Millie and former Total Wipeout presenter Amanda were among celebrities who posed with nothing but a length of rope for Women's Health mag's Body For Life campaign.

Also taking part in a series of nude photoshoots were heptathlete Louise Hazel, fitness guru Tracy Anderson and ex-Pussycat Doll Kimberley Wyatt as they tried to show the importance of maintaining a strong body.

Amanda, who has stripped off at 41, said she has been determined to get her body into peak form: " A year or so before I turned 40, I thought, 'It's now or never.' I wanted to sculpt a strong body - one that would stay healthy and beautiful well into my 40s and beyond.

And she trained hard to look right for the photos. Byram said: "If I was going to be naked, I wanted to feel at my very best, but normally, I'll weight train three times a week - it's the best for stripping fat.

"I don't have a strict routine. I like variety so I can wake up on a morning and think, 'What do I fancy doing today?' Listening to your body and what it really needs is one of the healthiest things you can do."

Millie has drawn criticism for her slender frame but said she is trying to strike a balance between keeping herself slim and building muscle.

"I get comments on Twitter or in interviews with people asking 'how do you deal with the fact people think you're too thin?' I'm not too thin - I'm slim. I go to the gym to try to build muscle. I really try," she said.

She also told how she keeps fit with her musician husband Professor Green - whose real name is Stephen Manderson.

"My husband Stephen and I sometimes run or cycle together. But he's also good at reminding me I need to rest. I don't want to be skinny and I don't want a six-pack - I just want health... and some definition."

The Body For Life campaign embodies the Women's Health ethos that a healthy body isn't just about pure aesthetics - it's about building a strong body that will protect a person against illness and injury and keep a woman feeling great for years to come.

Women's Health asked each of the naked women to discuss what a Body For Life meant to them and how they eat well and exercise to find their own body's balance of being healthy, fit and strong.

:: The full series of Body For Life interviews appear in the September "naked" issue of Women's Health which is on sale today, and available in a digital format.