Rita Ora has revealed she has posed for naked photos for her friends, but said the images are not for public consumption.

The Hot Right Now star - who split from Calvin Harris this summer - revealed she urged her pals to take the pics, which were for her own enjoyment.

The 23-year-old singer said in an interview for 4Music's fashion show Rock The Look With Rimmel: "I've done it in private. I've done it with my friends and stuff, I'm like 'take a picture of me'. But then it doesn't go anywhere obviously.

"More for myself really. I end up doing selfies cos I am so sad," she added.

As for whether she has ever done a formal nude shoot, she said: "No, I've never done it."

Rita also told how an onstage wardrobe malfunction at an outdoor London show was her biggest fashion disaster.

She explained: "I think when I had a nipple exposure at Lovebox. I was wearing amazing Emilio Pucci hand-embroidered trousers and a really nice corset and I thought it fitted my boobs but it didn't.

"And so then I was performing and I was jumping around as I do on stage - and then all of a sudden, I think it was out for about 15 minutes, I was like 'it's really cold'. It's not even like someone ran over and told me 'your nipple's out' - but instead I had to get it for myself."