Anna Chancellor makes a guest appearance in the opening episode of Downton Abbey series five as an amorous aristocrat in pursuit of her former servant.

The Four Weddings And A Funeral star plays Lady Anstruther, a widowed acquaintance of the family who drops in for tea and ends up staying the night at the house after claiming to have car trouble.

But the problems with her car turn out to be a smoke screen so that she can spend the night with Jimmy Kent (Ed Speleers), her former footman who she can't keep her hands off, and who admits he is unable to turn her down despite being embarrassed by her attentions.

Executive producer Liz Trubridge said of the guest cast this series: "We are very lucky on the show that we can attract incredible actors to come and play guest roles.

"Julian (Fellowes, creator) has a great skill in the economy of writing, in writing very satisfying stories in very short spaces of time."

Other guest stars this series include Richard E Grant who plays art historian Simon Bricker, and Sue Johnston who plays Gladys Denker.

The regular cast also includes some new faces, with child actors Oliver and Zac Barker taking on the role of Master George Crawley, and Fifi Hart as the late Lady Sybil's daughter Miss Sybil Branson.

Allen Leech, who plays Sybil's dad Tom Branson, said of the new young stars: "I became known as the whisperer, the dragon man and fire starter. If they were really good in takes, to entertain them we'd go in search of the dragons, because there are lots of dragon effigies around the grounds."

He added: "All of the fires we have on set are controlled by our special effects team so they would make them very high and very low, and I would pretend to control them with my hand.

"So basically, I turned them into fantasy-loving pyromaniacs."