Rosamund Pike has said she is looking for more work with Simon Pegg because they have formed such a connection through co-starring in two films.

The Jack Reacher star appears alongside Simon in Hector And The Search For Happiness where they play a couple, and they also co-starred in comedy The World's End in 2013.

She said: "Simon and I have done two films together back to back, because we did The World's End which he wrote, and then straight onto [Hector And The Search For Happiness].

"It was bliss, because we were comfortable with each other, we were already friends. I think it added tremendous depth to Clara and Hector's relationship because we knew each other and I just think, 'God, why don't people do this all the time?'

"So now we're looking for something else to do together because we love working together."

Rosamund continued: "You just think, why don't we make use? You have a good chemistry with someone or you have a shorthand with someone, it's going to benefit.

"It's all going to play into the next characters you play, especially in this story when we're in a relationship and we're very comfortable with each other, to the point that we work in this sort of bizarre synchronicity, I'm tying his tie while he's eating his scrambled eggs.

"It's slightly weird in that respect so having physical comfort with someone helps a lot."

Hector And The Search For Happiness is in cinemas now.