Fair trade and ethically sourced, Myakka continues to produce stunning furniture and accessories, using hand-crafted materials from India, Thailand and Vietnam. This unique company is run by owners Georgie and Simon (as well as their German Shorthaired pointer, Dave) and began in 1999 in picturesque Wincanton, in Somerset.

The business began with Georgie and Simon wishing to trade with people as they would like to have been dealt with themselves. Myakka buy from suppliers who pass on a share of their profits in their communities and when customers buy from Myakka, they pass on a share of profits as well. Trading fairly and ethically is shown to be effective, considering the business holds the ethical award since 2009, placing them in the top third of companies who excel in ethical consumerism.

Myakka have a ‘Fair Shares for all’ ethos meaning that they support others and the environment in various ways. Providing support to small family-run manufacturers and artisans, Myakka negotiates fair and proper prices for their suppliers, paying for the furniture as each shipment sets sail. As the business and its suppliers have been working together for so long, both Georgie and Simon visit their suppliers as often as possible to maintain these growing personal relationships.

Myakka have an involvement with SKSN, a school for physically challenged children from rural areas of Rajasthan in India. Donations from the business have contributed towards training and support in traditional needlecraft skills; the running costs of the dairy to provide children with essential milk and yoghurt daily; clothing, medicine and equipment for the limb workshop; materials to build new desks and benches; stationery and support for the Vocational Training Centre.

As well as helping charities, Myakka has set up their own Myakka Grassroots Fund under the umbrella of the Somerset Community Foundation (SCF). This fund is specifically aimed at supporting projects benefitting children and families within the South Somerset Area. In 2016/17, they have donated a wonderful £2,000 to The Growing Space and the Bayford Mission Society.

Georgie and Simon import their goods by sea, as one way of reducing environmental impact. They are also part of a Sheesham replanting program to secure supply well into the future, they have planted over 8,000 saplings so far. Sheesham is a deciduous tree native to the Indian Subcontinent.

“Mallani continues to be our best-selling furniture range made from Sheesham” Director of Myakka Georgie Hopkins, tells us, “it has clean, sleek lines so it is very versatile and has wide appeal. Our recently introduced and exclusive Jasmeen collection which features beautiful hand-carving in solid Sheesham has quickly grown to be a popular choice”.

Producing fair trade items does not affect the style of the furniture or accessories. Georgie explains “through Myakka, our aim is to demonstrate that customers don't have to sacrifice style to shop ethically”.

“These are obviously very uncertain times and a fall in consumer confidence can have a knock-on effect as they spend less, fearing the future” says Georgie, “However, conversely, it makes the home even more of a refuge from the turbulent outside world, and the need to ‘nest’ remains strong. Larger furniture purchases are perhaps more considered – there is less impulse buying”.

Well, consider a purchase from Myakka – particularly their new furniture and accessory range. The new autumn/winter collection is beautifully colourful and perfect for making a statement in your home. Upholstered armchairs, benches and ottomans in vibrant Indian patterns that would be a wonderful addition to brighten up any dark room on these cold, winter nights.

Myakka’s new upholstery collection is made in India using traditional techniques and fabrics, so each piece of furniture is individually handmade and becomes a unique statement in your house. This collection from Myakka consists of embroidered armchairs, footstalls, ottomans and benches – a stunning collection that focuses on patterned materials with bright colours. The style and beauty of each of the products is unique.

Curl up in your quirky Mardi Grass Armchair and rest your feet upon the footstall, while you read your book under a Fence Post Driftwood Lamp and snuggle under a Pink Velvet & Brocade Quilt. There is nothing like colourful and funky furniture to brighten those dark winter nights.

Visit www.myakka.co.uk to find out more.