MORE than a quarter (29%) of Brits will be off work this week as they make the most of the Easter and Royal Wedding break, a survey has found.

Workplaces across Britain are like a ghost town as workers take a break between Easter and the Royal Wedding, according to new research from InvisibleHand, a free-to-download online shopping tool.

Such was the demand to take these three days off that one in ten companies (11%) have decided to shut to allow all employees to take the time off.

Others were not quite so understanding with almost one in ten workers (9%) blocked from taking the time off.

Just 56% of people say that holiday allocation for the days between the two bank holidays didn’t cause any issues at work – three in ten (30%) said that their employer operated a strict ‘first come first served’ policy for the three days.

While the lucky ones are busy relaxing, two thirds of workers (64%) have been left ‘manning the fort’. For over one in ten (12%) the extended break is a complete headache as they struggle to provide adequate cover and support.

Robin Landy, founder of InvisibleHand, said: “With one in four workers taking time off this week, Britain’s workplaces are going to feel like a ghost town.

“The extended Easter and Royal Wedding break was just too good an opportunity to miss, so it comes as no surprise that so many workers have jumped at the chance to book off the three days in between. While firms may be empty, airports and travel companies are going to be busy with over 2 million Brits planning on using the break to get away.”