LOVE Island has only just kicked off, but one contestant may have already revealed a bit more about himself than many viewers could cope with.

Before entering the villa, Somerset’s Jake Cornish admitted he had something of a foot fetish – confessing, “I like sucking toes. Little white toes – perfect.”

But this admission was taken to the next level during a series of dares. First up, water engineer, Jake, performed a lap dance for waitress and student, Liberty Poole – so far, so cringy.

However, when couple Toby Aromolaran and Kaz Kamwi took on their 30-second toe sucking dare – Jake quickly whipped out his phone and started to film, leaving viewers wondering how exactly he was planning to make use of the footage.

Questionable turn-ons aside, the episode did offer a first look at the revamped filming location in Mallorca, featured a huge infinity pool and stunning panoramic views.

First in were the ladies, and a disappointing opening scene of Liberty and Kaz struggling to pop a champagne cork and declaring they need a man. I suppose supporters of women’s lib are unlikely to be avid viewers of the show but some attempt at coming across as independent women might make for a less 1950s vibe.

I digress.

After one or two reshuffles, all the islanders were coupled up – in addition to Jake and Liberty and Toby and Kaz, the other pairings were Aaron Francis and Shannon Singh, Hugo Hammond and Sharon Gaffka and finally, Brad McClelland and Faye Winter.

At this early stage none of the couples look to be a match made in heaven which is just as well as the makers of the show have this year decided to throw a cat among the pigeons in the shape of Chloe Burrows.

As the new couples were sat in their pairs round the fire they received a voice message informing them she was outside the villa and would be taking the men out on a date, before poaching one of them from their current partner.

So, it’s safe to say the long-awaited return of this cult show has gone with a bang. We now just need to wait until tomorrow to watch the fireworks coming from Chloe’s arrival. And perhaps even find out what plans Jake has for THAT video…