IF you want the definition of "mixed signals" then Jake Cornish's behaviour in tonight's episode of Love Island pretty much sums it up.

The makers of the show decided to throw a cat among the pigeons by introducing a sixth female to the villa and all the boys decided they should go out to welcome her in.

Somerset's Jake wasted no time in telling newcomer Chloe Burrows that she was just his type and how he has a thing for blondes.

You would be forgiven for thinking this was him making his move.

Fast forward to the following morning and it's Jake that Chloe takes aside first, asking how it's going with his current coupling, Liberty.

I can't have been the only one surprised by his response, saying they were getting on "really well" and going on to say how much they had in common, describing her as "me as a girl".

So it looks like he might be sticking with his first choice after all -  let's just hope Liberty doesn't mind her feet taking centre-stage in the bedroom department.

So that just leaves one question - who is Chloe going to choose now?

Of course Jake is still on the table, so to speak, but would be a risky choice after that chat.

My money is on Aaron Francis whose pairing with Shannon Singh is failing to spark or Brad McClelland, currently coupled up with Faye Winter.

That is the cliff hanger we are left with, one which will ensure that we will all be tuning in tomorrow to watch.