AFTER the second installment of Love Island 2021 left some viewers feeling more than a little cheated, episode three made up for it in spades.

It was small surprise when Chloe Burrows chose to steal Aaron Francis away from his original coupling, Shannon Singh - the real bombshell came when Shannon received a text to say she had been dumped and was leaving the villa.

A swift exit from her and the rest of the islanders quickly carried on as though nothing had happened.

Somerset's Jake Cornish is fairing better than most and seems more and more satisfied with his first choice - Liberty Poole. This couple have clearly ignored the advice #youdoyouhun and are determined to "do" each other. Pun very definitely intended.

Is there anything this pair will disagree on?

With this in mind, here's a quick round-up of things they have in common (leave me a comment below if I've missed any):

  1. They both talk a lot
  2. They both feel short
  3. Both family orientated
  4. Both would choose a dream date on a boat
  5. Both choose alpha male (either being one or being attracted to one)

It would be fair to say though, every couple is fairing better than Brad McClelland and Faye Winter whose fate might be decided tomorrow when hat seller Chuggs Wallis and bricklayer Liam Rearden enter the villa.

The newcomers will steal away two of the ladies and take them out on a date - as voted for by the viewers. If there is any justice in the world, Faye will get a new date and put Brad's cruel antics behind her.

Anyway, I'll be tuning in for the nest installment to find out more random stuff Jake and Liberty have in common - see you same time tomorrow.