A SOMERSET woman who bumped into Hollywood actor Harrison Ford in a London food hall said she was "too starstruck to speak".

Marie, The Significance Of R blogger, spotted the Indiana Jones superstar having a spot of lunch in Selfridges on his 79th birthday on Tuesday (July 13).

He whipped off his face mask and obligingly posed for a photo with Marie's mother.

Marie later took to Twitter to write: "They say 'Never meet your idols'!That's simply BS!

"How about bumping into them in Selfridges food-hall during lunch at the deli counter on your birthday!

"My mum was over the moon with joy as I took this picture & said how much she loves #HarrisonFord I was too starstruck to speak!"

Marie added: "It was such an awesome moment (for me as a super fan) I was SO star struck that I couldn’t speak!

"It was a bucket list moment. If #Harrison Ford does see this photo with my mum, please forgive me for walking away, for not asking about your shoulder, not asking you to lunch."

Harrison Ford has been filming the fifth Indian Jones movie, although he has recently been out of action with his shoulder in a sling following an accident on set.