ARE you a fan of property development show, Grand Designs?

How would you fancy being paid to watch it?

Well, now you could be, as one Somerset-based firm is offering to pay one fan of the TV show £1,500 to watch EVERY EPISODE - a busman's holiday for lovers of all things Kevin McCloud.

Toolstation is looking for the right person to watch each and every episode and report back on the results of each show.

"From the famous 100ft water tower to the £3 million treehouse, the show has aired several quirky projects," said a spokesperson.

"A typical Grand Designs project goes 34% over budget. But it’s not always a matter of dramatic over-spending. 7% of the projects are completed on budget, while a further 8% defy the odds by coming in under budget.

"However, the real questions are: Which project went over budget the most? Which project came in under budget the most?

"Well, we want your help to find out. Superfans, Toolstation will hire and pay you £1,500 to dig deeper into the show and watch every episode to find out for our research purposes."

Fans can apply for the spot at