RETIRED accountant Penelope Jackson was jailed for a minimum of 18 years after being found guilty of murdering her husband in Berrow in 2021 – and now, a true crime documentary has begun about the case.

Jackson, 66, was sentenced in October 2021 after stabbing her 78-year-old husband David, a retired army officer, three times at their home. 

The documentary, called Bubble & Squeak Murder: The Killing of David Jackson, investigates the story behind the case and reveals the “dark and disturbing secrets which lay behind this seemingly inexplicable and brutal slaying”.

The first episode of the documentary aired on Monday, February 13 – two years on from the incident – and is available to stream on Crime + Investigation Play.

The second episode will be broadcast on Monday, February 20 at 9pm.

What viewers can expect

The description of the first episode says: “The motivation was supposedly nothing more than an argument over her choice to serve bubble and squeak with the gourmet evening meal.

“How could this seemingly nondescript middle-class woman have transformed into a cold-blooded killer?”

The episode includes interviews with family members, friends and journalists. Experts examine the case against Jackson and her complicated past.

The second episode, called 'I Should Have Stabbed Him Some More'​, will be shown on Monday, February 20. 

It will explore Jackson's defence, particularly her claims of physical and psychological abuse, which emerged at her trial at Bristol Crown Court in October 2021.