A SHOCKING murder which took place in Berrow in 2021 has been made into a documentary on a popular streaming platform.

As part of discovery+'s Faking It series, an episode will cover the story of Penelope Jackson, a 66-year-old Berrow resident who murdered her husband and left him to die on their kitchen floor.

The episode will see experts in body language, linguistics and forensic psychology examine police bodycam footage from the moment they arrived at the scene.

Jackson admitted to stabbing her 78-year-old husband David three times, and told police as they arrived at her house: "I admit it all.

"He’s an aggressive bully and nasty, and I’ve had enough.” 

The stabbing happened on February 13, 2021, after her 66th birthday dinner.

Jackson and her husband got into a dispute regarding bubble and squeak.

Whilst being detained, she told police: "I should have stabbed him a bit more.”

Upon her arrest on the grounds of attempted murder, she said to the officers: “Hopefully it’s not attempted”. 

In court, she pleaded not guilty, and instead admitted manslaughter, stating she had been pushed to breaking point by David's alleged abusive behaviour towards her.

Penny Jackson was convicted of murder in October 2021, and handed a life sentence in prison with a minimum term of 18 years.

Episode 3 of Faking It series 7 is available to stream on discovery+, and will appear on a Quest channel later this year.