ARTISTS from Highbridge and Burnham-based creative network HaBA are encouraging residents to get out on their colourful lighthouse trail this summer.

Thirty-three lighthouses, mini replicas of Burnham’s lighthouse, built and painted by local craftspeople, artists and community groups, are dotted around Burnham and its surrounds until the end of August.

Artist Susan Hammond-Lovatt, whose lighthouse ‘Carnival’ is a stop on the trail, shared her trek with the Weekly News.

“On Friday my sons and I set off to explore The Lighthouse Trail,” she said.

“Ben and his wife, Lily, were visiting from Cambridge, Danny came from Bristol by train and my friend, Jill, the boys honorary aunt, drove here from Bath.

“Everyone was impressed by the variety of lighthouses; the one made of paper and glue sticks in Coastline Print raised a laugh; Jill, who loves cats, found a small cat on the lighthouse in the library.

“We visited 12 lighthouses in the morning, bought strawberries at the farmers’ market, and looked at the local shops.

“We stopped for an excellent lunch at Dunstan House Inn and a family photo with my ‘Carnival’ lighthouse.

“While the younger ones went to play the slot machines, Jill and I set off out of town, stopping to see ‘Night Light, Day Sight’ at the Lighthouse Inn, The Dreamscheme Lighthouse at the police station, ‘Child for Every Season’ at ASDA, ‘Cosmic’ at the Co-op in Highbridge, finishing at Riches Cider Farm to see ‘White Horses’, where the others joined us for coffee.

“Despite some showers we all agreed it was a great day out, and plan to explore more.”

Pick up a map for £1 from Burnham’s seafront information centre to see the lighthouse trail for yourself. The lighthouse are set to be auctioned off in September.

All the money raised is for Petal, The Christine Woodberry Memorial Trust, which supports cancer charities.