NO one really knew if they were actually singing about actor Anthony Quinn but the song's lyrics still got the blame for lowering grammar standards in schools across the country.

The Mighty Quinn with its catchy chorus (you'll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn) was just one of numerous top ten hits for 60s chart toppers, Manfred Mann.

Others included My Name Is Jack, Semi-Detached Suburban Mr James and Do Wah Diddy whose lyrics probably didn't do much for English literature classes either.

But none of this blighted the career of the Manfreds who were one of the few 60s groups that could give The Beatles some serious opposition for the number one spot.

Paul Jones was the original front-man with the group and co-composer of the signature tune for Ready, Steady, Go!

Today, he shares the lead with Mike D'Abo in The Manfreds - along with most of the original members of Manfred Mann - touring extensively both in the UK and abroad.

Paul has taken time out of his busy schedule to perform a special concert at North Street church in Taunton. He will be joined by his musician wife and actress, Fiona Hendley.

The couple regularly team up to present a night of music and entertainment, and talking about their Christian faith.

"I was the biggest most militant atheist on the planet and everyone knew that," explained Paul.

"I was asked to take part in a TV debate opposite Cliff Richard who'd come out as a Christian and I really gave him a hard time. Cliff was a huge name at the time, still is, and for me to rubbish him on television was considered the ultimate celebrity bashing.

"After the show, I thought Cliff would be angry with me. Instead, he invited me round for lunch. He couldn't have been nicer and when I listened to him talk about his faith, I really felt he had something, a peace that I didn't have in my life."

In 1979 Paul founded The Blues Band, who have now recorded over 16 albums.

North Street Church, Taunton. Friday, May 20 at 7pm. Tickets £5. Tel: 07828 778701