THERE are spooky goings on in Berrow, as Stage 2 drama present their latest production, A Tomb With A View.

The comedy-thriller at Berrow village hall, centres on the aptly named Tomb family who are impatiently awaiting the reading of their late father s will.

The play is set in a sinister old library, presided over by a portrait of a grim faced, mad eyed old man. There, a crusty lawyer reads a will (involving millions) to an equally creepy family. One has werewolf tendencies, another wanders around in a toga like Julius Caesar and a third is a mild mannered old lady who plants more than seeds in her flower beds.

The terrible Tombs are desperate to hear who will inherit Septimus Tomb's fortune but the arrival of unknown authoress Ermyntrude Ash and her male secretary throws them into a state of panic when they realise she is the main beneficiary.

Not so much a case of 'who done it?' but 'who keeps doing it' - it isn t long before the body count rises...

With a series of twists and turns and more convolutions than a rattle snake, by the third act, there are more corpses than live members left in the cast. Will anyone survive? and just who is behind all the murders and mayhem?

A Tomb With a View, by Norman Robbins.

Thursday, June 9 - Saturday, June 11. Doors open at 7pm with all performances beginning at 7.30pm.

Advance tickets, £, are available from Grahame on 01278 782319 or Ken on 01278 795619.