WHAT happens when a joke scenario comes to life? An Englishman, Chinaman

and a joker walk into a bar.

Written by and starring three irregularly matched humans who only claim to be

friends for the purpose of writing a punchline to this joke, this laugh-a-minute show will have you roaring in the aisles.

Join Matt Fong, Nick Banks and some of their favourite jokers as they take you through each of their own diverse perspectives of identity in modern life. Drawing from stories, observations and general bad decisions they have experienced on their journey so far, these three intrepid companions will take you through all the highs and lows.

From army recruitment to deadpan delights, the pressures of being bi-lingual and just downright confusion in day to day living, this show aims to close the gap on cultural diversity and finally answer that age old question... What really does happen when an Englishman, Chinaman & A Joker Walk Into A Bar?

The show includes an added special mystery guest' for extra hilarity.

The Princess Theatre. Thursday, July 21 at 8pm. Tickets, £10.