AN EAST Huntspill wildlife rescue charity has called for the planned badger cull in West Somerset to be axed entirely after it was delayed for six months this week.

Secret World has teamed up with the Somerset Badger Group to organise a series of Badger Night Walks allowing animal lovers to voice their feelings against the cull.

Somerset Badger Group chairman Adrian Coward addressed more than 100 protesters at the first walk in Dunster and another walk was due to be held in Williton yesterday.

He said: “It is hard to believe they are still maintaining the cull will go ahead with so much information coming to light that proves beyond doubt that culling is not the answer.”

On Tuesday (October 23) Defra announced the six-week cull, which had been due to start this month, has been postponed until summer 2013.

A letter of protest has also been sent to the Government from over 30 eminent scientists, including the chief veterinary government advisor, calling for a halt to the cull.

Secret World founder Pauline Kidner, who is also a spokesperson for the Badger Protection League (BPL) said: “We have every sympathy for farmers experiencing a Bovine TB breakdown in their cattle, but they are being led up the garden path.

“This is an experiment on killing badgers based on no science, with no safety buffers for humans or animals near to or on public footpaths, with no clear numbers of badgers to be killed and no knowledge of the effects of the spread of Bovine TB in cattle. We are all joining together to say no to badger culling.”

An online petition against the cull, backedby Queen guitarist Brian May, has now been signed by more than 170,000 people.

It is the first time a petition has forced the Government to allow the debate to take place. For more details visit