TV wildlife expert Chris Packham spoke out against the upcoming badger cull in Somerset when he visited the Secret World Rescue Centre near Highbridge.

Chris, best known for his role on BBC show Springwatch, visited the centre ahead of the recording of an anti-cull film at the centre this weekend (May 19).

He said: “The only way forward is to develop a vaccine – and a test appropriate to that vaccine – for cattle.”

Culling in parts of Somerset and Gloucestershire is due to begin in the next few weeks in a bid to prevent the spread of tuberculosis among cattle.

Officials at Secret World have asked people to come to the centre wearing black or white T-shirts for Sunday’s filming, which has been organised by the Badger Trust.

Rehearsals will take place at 10am before the final shoot at 3pm, which will involve a helicopter hovering over the participants.

Secret World founder Pauline Kidner told the Weekly News: “Over the past 25 years we’ve seen badgers denigrated by many in the farming community, followed by a comprehensive eight-year experiment, which came out against culling badgers, yet we’re again facing a pilot scheme to see if shooting running badgers at night will be humane, efficient and effective.

“With licences issued to kill over 5,000 in Somerset and Gloucestershire the fight continues.”

As well as the filming, a variety of family-friendly nd badger-themed fun activities will be on offer at Secret World on Sunday.

To confirm your attendance call 01278-783250.