A VIDEO filmed at Secret World Wildlife Rescue as part of a national campaign against the badger cull has launched today (June 3).

Around 500 people helped form the cast of the Badger Trust video, filmed at Secret World’s East Huntspill centre on May 19.

It took several hours for volunteers to perfect the face of a badger in the countryside, which can be seen at the end of the footage, narrated by actor Anthony Head.

Secret World founder Pauline Kidner told the Weekly News: “We had a fantastic response and I’d like to thank everyone involved.

“If we had had to pay for the video, it would have cost around £50,000 but people volunteered their time and skills for free.

“We attended the anti-cull march in London over the weekend, which attracted around 2,000 supporters and it’s great to see people getting behind the campaign.”

The march was held on June 1 to coincide with the start date of licences to cull badgers in areas of Gloucestershire and West Somerset.

Pauline added: “Vaccination of badgers and cattle is the real solution and it will be a huge mistake for farmers if the Government does not listen.”

The video is being used to highlight an online campaign called ‘Can the Carrot’, headed by anti-cull campaigners who claim the Government is offering the cull as a ‘carrot’ to sweeten the deal for famers.

But the National Farmers' Union has said the badger cull is not about wiping out badgers, but reducing TB in “areas where it is endemic”.

The campaign comes just days before the Opposition Day debate in parliament on Wednesday (June 5), where Labour will call for a parliamentary vote on the badger cull.

To view the video visit http://www.justdosomething.org.uk/