A WILDLIFE charity in East Huntspill has vowed to continue fighting after MPs rejected calls for the culling of thousands of badgers to be abandoned.

A six week series of trial culls in West Somerset and Gloucestershire began on June 1 in an effort to combat the spread of tuberculosis in cattle, known to be carried by badgers.

But calls from Labour to throw out the plans were rejected by 299 votes to 250 in a Commons debate on June 5.

Speaking after the decision Pauline Kidner, founder of Secret World Wildlife Rescue, said: “Despite the vote in Parliament, which was expected as it was a three whip line, we continue to make people aware of the 5,000 badgers that are due to be killed in Somerset and Gloucestershire any time from now.

“If we manage to get a government e-petition up to 260,000 signatures, it will be the largest petition ever held - showing the strength of feeling against this ill-conceived pilot scheme that is not scientifically sound.”

But the Government argues science has demonstrated the link between infection in badgers and in cattle and that culling significantly reduces incidences of TB.

Ministers will examine the results of the six-week pilots, before deciding whether to roll them out further.

To sign the petition against the badger culls, visit http://www.justdosomething.org.uk.