A LOCAL sand artist has created a 200m wide John Lennon memorial on Brean Down Sands as a call for world peace.

Simon Beck uses a rake to carefully craft these impressive etchings on the sand before they eventually get washed away by the incoming tides.

One of Simon’s most recent art works, completed with the help of Jim Mallinson, caused a stir online when it was shared on Facebook as a part of a campaign for world peace.

Simon said: “The intention was to draw a reproduction of the John Lennon memorial in New York's Central Park, to be the biggest drawing I have made on the sand, a tad short of 200m in diameter.

“I said that if the rain ruined the attempt it would indicate that the Lord did not want world peace, but he does want peace and it remained dry enough for a successful drawing even if he didn't delay the tide as one would have wished.”

Simon uses a protractor and compass to design his drawing before measuring an area of sand and drawing the main straight and curved lines in the sand.

He then makes secondary lines to join the points together and finally fills in the shaded areas.

Simon also produces orienteering maps and spends most of his time travelling in the Alps, hiking up mountains and taking pictures of the sunset at the summit.