CHERIE Blair has bizarrely become involved in a legal action which could impact on the film being made on the life of a Highbridge war hero.

The Prime Minister's barrister wife is currently involved in a legal challenge against MI6, which is refusing to release documents concerning Paul Rosbaud - an ally of town-born Frank Foley.

Major Foley saved the life of thousands as he worked as a passport control officer in Berlin, allowing Jews to flee Germany and a film of his exploits is currently in production.

Both Kevin Spacey and Anthony Hopkins have been linked to the lead role, but this latest twist in the picture's saga is the most intriguing.

Producer Timothy Haas revealed to the Weekly News: "Paul Rosbaud was one of Frank Foley's main assets. I had lunch with Cherie Blair and arranged for Paul's family to be represented by her in our quest to obtain Rosbaud's file from MI6.

"They have a right to know what Paul did for Foley and Britain. I believe that the file is not sensitive as a security risk, but that its contents will confirm what we know.

"All in all, and depending on the outcome, this action will have a bearing on the Foley movie story."

Rosbaud was an Austrian physicist and metallurgist and was the editor of Germany's leading scientific periodical before and during World War Two.

He became increasingly horrified by the ambitions of the Nazi regime and Foley was able to secured his services and receive a report on scientific and technical developments.

Now Dr Vincent C Frank-Steiner, nephew of Paul Rosbaud, has launched a legal challenge to MI6's refusal to put the records documenting his uncle's heroism into the public domain.

"A complete and accurate picture will only emerge if the files are made public, as they can be under the Public Records Act, given the passage of time. Dr Frank-Steiner has asked MI6 to release the files under the Act - as they have in relation to Major Foley and in other cases," Mr Haas said.

"It has refused to do so, claiming that everything it holds on past and current agents is subject to a blanket national security exemption.

"Dr Frank-Steiner's legal team, headed by Cherie Booth QC, will argue that MI6 has misunderstood the law, and that the material cannot properly be withheld 60 years on, especially when Germany and Austria are NATO allies."