RESIDENTS in one street in Highbridge are among the first in the South-West to receive state-of-the-art crime prevention packs as part of a new police scheme.

Tregelles Close in Highbridge is the first road in the Avon and Somerset police force area to be listed as an anti-burglary zone after 28 homes there received free DNA property marking kits.

The packs were handed out by police officers to help people keep their homes and their belongings safe and deter thieves.

The kits are an advanced forensic property marking system which links burglars to crime scenes and provides hard evidence to help convict criminals.

They contain a unique DNA code which allow police to identify property and link the criminal to the crime.Criminals are regularly scanned for traces of the DNA in police custody suites.

It is hoped that this will deter potential thieves and reduce the number of crimes committed.

Police forces up and down the country are now using these kits to reduce burglaries, theft, robberies, vehicle crime and metal theft and they have reduced theft by up to 85% in some areas.

Burnham and Highbridge Police Community Support Officer Pete Williams said: “We are pleased that over 300 homes here have now received crime prevention advice since July after an increase in burglaries in the early part of this year.”