THE Stop Hinkley campaign has slammed the idea that lorries could carry nuclear waste through our streets in plans to save £1.5million.

Proposals are currently being created to send contaminated containers from three other nuclear power stations to Hinkley Point A near Bridgwater.

In a move that could save £1.5million, the skips would be sent for decontamination and storage.

The thin outside layer of the contaminated steel would be removed and the parts that could not be decontaminated would be stored on site.

As well as this, other low-level waste would be despatched to an archive.

Roy Pumfrey, from action group Stop Hinkley, believes that the move is a turnaround from what may have previously been said.

"From what I am aware, it was announced that this wasn't going to happen," said Roy.

"It seems rather odd that to save money, Hinkley is being used as a dump.

"It is a colossal expenditure to have Hinkley anyway and it's unnecessary to have radioactive waste driven through our streets.

"In order for this to work, they're going to have to build a storage facility out at the point which is more cost, plus the cost of making the lorries safe.

"The estimated amount of money that they're going to save needs to be taken with a pinch of salt."

Despite the claims that the proposals are a turnaround, no statement has been made that categorically promised no outside waste would ever be taken to the site.

"I'm sure the lorries will be secure but hauling waste around is an unnecessary risk," added Roy.

"It may not even be many lorries but why can't it be stored where the waste is produced?

"And where will the waste be stored long term?

"Stop Hinkley thinks Hinkley C isn't a good idea- waste is produced and then there isn't an appropriate place to store it.

"You don't get waste produced from renewable energy and it is the way forward.

"No nuclear, no issues.

"Nuclear power is just making issues greater."