Sand blowing into homes, gardens, roads and paths is causing a headache for residents of Poplar Road in Burnham, but is that just the price of living next to a beach?

Peter Alexander of nearby Rectory Road said the sand was a regular problem potentially blocking drains and accumulating along footpaths and in the road.

“Nobody wants to take responsibility for it,” he said. “I’ve contacted the council and Sedgemoor and nothing happens. The wall at the top of Poplar Road has been damaged by vandals and when people clear up the sand they dump it over the wall where it blows back again with the next strong wind.”

Sedgemoor District Council said the beach was their responsibility but they could not control either the weather or strong winds. They confirmed it was nothing to do with the town council but said if anyone had a problem with sand they should call Sedgemoor to discuss the matter.

It has emerged that the Environment Agency are responsible for the wall and its upkeep along with the railings, but sand in the road and pavements falls under the jurisdiction of Somerset County Highways. Any issues with the wall or sand on the road should be directed to those two organisations said a spokesperson for Sedgemoor.

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