A cloud of uncertainty has descended overt the Hinkley C project after EDF failed to announce the Final Investment Date this week.

A board meeting of the French firm behind the building of the nuclear power station instead signalled that four existing power plants would be given a stay of execution.

The Burnham Chamber of Commerce have expressed concern as the potential investment associated with the new build will have a knock on effect on the town. A spokesman for the group said: “Uncertainty is unwelcome but the concentration of Hinkley C support services and infrastructure in Bridgwater means that the material impact on Burnham is limited.”

In Bridgwater there was similar frustration. The chairman Steve Leahy said: “We were told early January but early January has come and gone. I’ve had discussions today about it and made enquiries but we can’t get any news of the decision.”

He said many firms in the area were in a state of limbo waiting for the FID but there were other projects that were helping to see growth in the town and district.